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14 Aug '18

KC Launch at Westin Nashville

Posted by Kate Chan

Feeling blessed and enthusiastic towards our recent launch at Rhapsody Spa Westin Nashville. Filled with eclectic, millennial, and colorful products, our line is in sync with the ever blissful Rhapsody Spa and the effortlessly elegant Westin Nashville. Filled with gratitude. As always, to be continued...

"An urban oasis created with you in mind, Rhapsody Spa is a place to revitalize your mind, body and spirit. A warm, near-silent atmosphere makes it a veritable escape from the urban sprawl of Nashville."


Photos Courtesy of nashvilleguru.com + westinnashville.com

24 Jul '18

Meet our newest #KCGIRL @ninashahbaz

Posted by Kate Chan

Our newest #KCGIRL, Noureen Shahbaz (@ninashahbaz) loves fashion, travel, and lifestyle. Currently residing in South Florida, she is a proud wife and momma with a colorful and genuine soul. Leading with a classic, vibrant and trendy style, Noureen is not afraid to make a fashion statement. We are filled with gratitude to have her showcasing our handmade treasures in her world. Meet Nina!

06 Jul '18

"Sissy" Feature in Essence Magazine July/August 2018 Issue

Posted by Kate Chan
Due to our collaboration with Bikini.com, Kate Chan was recently featured in Essence Magazine's July/August 2018 Issue. With gratitude, the “Sissy” necklace, an innovative and unique creation handmade from repurposed denim fabric, was complimented with many other denim pieces to highlight the latest summer denim styles on page 26 of the issue. 
To be Continued Always...
14 Mar '18

We love Kohanaiki

Posted by Kate Chan
This just in - merchandising visuals from Kohanaiki, an exclusive private resort, residential club on the Big Island of Hawaii. Feeling right at home in the spirit of Aloha. A curated collection of our handcrafted and unique accessories are beautifully merchandised to the delight of club members and resort guests. A feast to the eyes. Mahalo with love. Indulge in the Kohanaiki life and see for yourself...
To Be Continued...
01 Feb '18

Immersed in Rancho La Puerta

Posted by Kate Chan

"The “Ranch” provides space—that which is most lacking in today’s life. Space to breathe freely amidst nature. To relax. To renew, reflect and redirect one’s longer-living life. To explore the possibilities of changing course in one’s life. To that end we often refer to our program as “The Door to the Future…Glorious Wellness” which refers to your future, one strengthened and emboldened by good health and fearless life-long learning, which unleashes the willingness to change…for the better." -Rancho La Puerta

A dream venue. A dream collaboration. A perfect fit. Rancho La Puerta.

You can now find Kate Chan's Handbags and accessories exclusively at Rancho La Puerta, a life-giving venue that ignites peace, relaxation, and self-betterment.

Magic happens with the work of the hands. Discover our world. 

 To Be Continued...