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01 Feb '18

Immersed in Rancho La Puerta

Posted by Kate Chan

"The “Ranch” provides space—that which is most lacking in today’s life. Space to breathe freely amidst nature. To relax. To renew, reflect and redirect one’s longer-living life. To explore the possibilities of changing course in one’s life. To that end we often refer to our program as “The Door to the Future…Glorious Wellness” which refers to your future, one strengthened and emboldened by good health and fearless life-long learning, which unleashes the willingness to change…for the better." -Rancho La Puerta

A dream venue. A dream collaboration. A perfect fit. Rancho La Puerta.

You can now find Kate Chan's Handbags and accessories exclusively at Rancho La Puerta, a life-giving venue that ignites peace, relaxation, and self-betterment.

Magic happens with the work of the hands. Discover our world. 

 To Be Continued...

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