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22 Jan '14

Private Trunk Show Success!

Posted by Kate Chan

The trunk shows I did in the Fall were a success! I'm building a record of feedback and testimonials. I have my validations and affirmations to make this happen. I'm also generating quite a bit of client private showings with clients who buy and get the word out. I have more trunk shows scheduled this year.

Diana Karl wrote:
"Dear Kate, the only word that I can use is SPECTACULAR - everything was so perfectly displayed - it was truly a vision in the making - I just know your trunk show was a total success - you are truly a genius!"

To Be Continued... 

21 Jan '14

Kate Chan Interview

Posted by Kate Chan

Check this out! This as good as it gets for local exposure. I was asked to be featured and did a candid interview end of November. There was no prep for Q&A, raw and authentic interview. The photos were taken by the the publisher. The outpouring of calls, emails and locals stopping by boutique in the last few days have been awesome. Step by step, slowly and organically.. Just the way I like it. To Be Continued... 

20 Jan '14

Excited About Moving Forward

Posted by Kate Chan

With excitement, I look forward to our official launch. Hope to delight and surprise our audience with beautiful imagery and story/message to tell and share. Surely, it will be captivating and provoking. I have so much positive feedback.

Abbie Bates wrote:

"Kate it was fun! I felt great wearing your design. People commented on how beautiful your pieces were, bit hushed as if in admiration. My sister in law loved my necklace for a fleeting second thought about offering it to her but decided she can get one of her own. :). I plant to wear mine on many other occasions. Thanks Kate. For someone who isn't into fashion, it was fun! Plan to enjoy it more."

To Be Continued... 

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