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The Brand

Kate Chan is a California based label founded by Kate Chan. Its’ brand vision and values are more than a set of shared beliefs. They also inspire and show how we express ourselves and shape the customer’s experience. These brand guidelines convey our vision and values in practical but meaningful terms in everything we do.

Kate Chan is focused on what matters most to the new female consumer. Kate Chan designs and develops products that are not only admired on the outside but also refined on the inside. We do not simply create and produce handcrafted accessories but also champion social good and environmental awareness.

Today, smart, value conscious, and sophisticated female consumers place a premium on memorable experiences and engaging in worthy causes. They value quality products and experiences that offer luxury, comfort and innovation, and demonstrate ultimate respect for their time without spending a fortune. Not only do we share the values and priorities of contemporary luxury consumers, we celebrate the work, passion, traditions and culture of native craftspeople and respect the earth.

Our Mission

The commitment to social and environmental responsibility is core to Kate Chan. We aspire to make a positive difference in the lives of others and seek out innovative and inspiring ways to contribute to the community, culture and environment. Kate Chan Accessories are about a celebration of life, expressions of hope, people, culture and traditions.