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Accessory Categories & Color Palettes

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Nature Inspired

Midnight Wanderlust

Go Green

Earthy Treasures

Sapphire Blues

Aqua Indulgence

Cool Grays

Line Sheets


Eco-Chic Clutches Elite 1

Eco-ChicClutches Elite 2

Eco-ChicClutches ELITE Alegra 

Eco-Chic Simone Clutches

Eco-Chic Julia Clutches 

Eco-Chic Amy Clutches

Eco-Chic Totes

Ella Hand Bags

Ethereal Beauty Silvia Hand Bags  New 

Ethereal Beauty Silvia Handbags New 2

Ethereal Beauty 3 Hand Bags

Ethereal Beauty Clutches

Ethereal Beauty 2 Clutches

Ethereal Beauty Totes New

Gemma Eco-Chic Clutches

Hand Bags Celine 

Hand Bags Tyra

Happy Bags Large

Happy Bags Medium

Kabibe Clutches (Shell Clutches)

Kelsi Handbags

Wanderlust Collection

Magical Thinking 4 Clutches

Magical Thinking 3 Clutches

Magical Thinking 2 Clutches

Magical Thinking Clutches

Leslie Hangbags

Rena Totes


Boho Chic Puso Calypso Necklaces

Boho Chic Puso Necklaces

Earthy Treasure Necklaces

Feng Shui Necklaces

Feng Shui 2 Necklaces

Gift of Grace Collection - Necklaces 1

Gift of Grace Necklace 9

Gift of Grace Necklace 8

Gift of Grace Necklace 7

Gift of Grace Necklace 6

Gift of Grace Necklace 5

Gift of Grace Necklace 4

Gift of Grace Necklace 3

Gift of Grace Necklace 2

Gift of Grace Necklace 1

Gift of Grace Jenna Necklace

Good Karma Necklaces

KC Zen Necklaces

Puso Mini Chain Link Necklace

Vintage 10 Necklaces

Vintage 9 Necklaces

Vintage 8 Necklaces

Vintage 7 Necklaces

Vintage 6 Necklaces

Vintage 5 Necklaces

Vintage 4 Necklaces

Vintage 3 Necklaces

Vintage 2 Necklaces

Vintage 1 Necklaces


Boho Twist Puso Bracelets

Bolo Bracelets

Charm Bracelets

Gift of Grace 3 Bracelets

Gift of Grace 2 Bracelets

Gift of Grace Bracelets

LuLu Bracelets

Puso Boho Bracelet Mini Puso Charm


Bangles Others

Kana Bangles

Millie Bangles

Embellished Scarves


Casa De Chan Fans 6 Special Fans : Sangria + More 

Casa De Chan Fans 5 Special Fans : Nyora + More 

Casa De Chan Fans 4 Special Fans : Ines + More

Casa De Chan Fans 3 Special Fans : Corazon

Casa De Chan Fans 2 Special Fans : Signature

Casa De Chan Fans Special Fans : Sakura + More


Alegra Woven Fiber Patterns

Rena Visuals

Rena Interior Lining


Roxy Dress Shirts

Fringe & Pom Poms