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08 Feb '17

The Asia Journey

Posted by Kate Chan


The Asia Journey
Inspirations & Discoveries
"Traveling, it leaves you speechless, but it turns you into a Storyteller". - Ibn Battuta
Beyond words to describe my most recent trip to Asia. Extraordinary, memorable and unforgettable moments of inspirations and discoveries in my quest to explore, learn, find and work with more artisan communities within Philippines and Indonesia. The next stage has been set In harmony with my three-fold mission to create job opportunities and empowerment, develop relevant and unique accessory designs of handmade artistry that matter, while making a difference in the preservation of culture, environment, livelihoods, and traditions. Blessed with my vision, passion and commitment to bring to the market place fresh, one of a kind, artisan and ethically made accessories, the Kate Chan journey continues. 
With stories to tell and share,  these images are worth more than a thousand words. 
To Be Continued... 

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