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21 Jun '17

New York State of Mind

Posted by Kate Chan

What a night, affair and experience to remember  I/We celebrate in every way. The palpable excitement leading up to this evening is beyond words. A very tight competition in 10 categories, 5 finalists per each one. We did not win in the Best Green Handbag as I had hoped for. Not quite, not my turn yet. As shared before, to be selected as a finalist and be invited to NYC was a delightful, unexpected surprise amongst thousands of submissions worldwide. An honor and privilege that I earned with passion, purpose, vision, relentless focus and hard work. I am most grateful for the opportunity to be here, to my family, team, friends, supporters, clients. I honor the artisans, makers, and craftspeople, who are truly the heart, soul and fabric of KC. I am in awe of my fellow finalists and amazing talent in this night's event. EVERYONE, who has been with me in this journey, you know who you are. THANK YOU from the heart.

Now, forward... Super excited to the many opportunities that have been presented to me and doors that have opened up having met so many people of influence these past few days in NYC. Total red carpet treatment to the finalists and invitees. The experience is unforgettable. With the exposure, meet and greet, sharing my vision one person at a time, I know something wonderful is going to happen. It's just the beginning...To be continued ...Never forget to dream

"Stubborn on the vision. Flexible on the details". - Jeff Bezos

Captured moments in my New York State of Mind. Gratitude  6.14.2017 

To Be Continued...

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