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17 May '17

Independent Handbag Designer Awards 2017

Posted by Kate Chan


Thank you in advance for taking the time to read this post. Feel free to share.


So this is happening, my moment. A reveal and a major breakthrough in the KC Journey. I'm grateful and humbled to share this news that The Independent Handbag Designer Awards based in NYC has chosen Kate Chan and The "Charlene" bag in my Ethereal Beauty Collection as one of the Top 5 Finalists worldwide in the 2017 Best Green Handbag category amongst many thousands of international designer submissions. I also have a shot at the 2017 InStyle Audience Favorite.

Minimalist and simple with a zen aesthetic, this bag is passionately and proudly handwoven by skilled and talented Philippine artisans and weavers using natural fibers and sustainable materials that delight and surprise.

The winners in 10 different categories will be announced at the awards ceremony in NYC on 6/14/17. As a finalist and invitee, I get to share my story, vision and concept in Artisanal, Ecoluxe and Sustainable Fashion Accessories amongst industry peers and an esteemed panel of judges from the fashion and retail world in a global stage. To be chosen as a finalist is already an honor.

Stay tuned for a series of media, press and industry events highlighting Kate Chan. I'm confident that this exposure will open many doors of opportunities. Timing could not be more perfect. My work in compassionate and social entrepreneurship continues.

InStyle.com magazine will feature Kate Chan in its Sept 2017 issue, along with other finalists and winners in all categories. In addition, friends and family can vote for the Audience Fan Favorite from now until June 14th. It would mean the world to me if you could take a few minutes to vote. Just click here.

This has been an interesting and magical journey in my quest to make a difference in others' lives. Using fashion as my platform in both creative and entrepreneurial pursuits, my vision is about celebrating artisanal work, helping sustain livelihoods, utilizing the many uses of natural and sustainable fibers and materials, bringing to the market place unique and handcrafted accessories while elevating ones' conscious and unique style from the heart.

As always, thank you to my team and to all those who have been with me in this 6+ year journey. This is not a one person show. I honor each and every one of YOU. You know who you are. Beyond grateful for all your guidance, support while having the best of fun times in the entire process. I have been surrounded by so many who have helped and guided me along the way from the beginning of this journey. Countless Angels! I mean, countless. I can't thank you enough.

It has been an amazing and organic ride of many twists and turns, ups and downs, high and lows. Nothing happens overnight. I would not have it any other way. As for me, it is FULL CIRCLE. I have been placed to do what I'm supposed to do and be where I need to be with love, passion, good intention, focus, hard work, dedication, optimism, and gratitude in every way, on all fronts.

However this evolves, I know it is just the beginning. Anything is possible. I'm ready, prepared, excited... as I continue to learn and evolve forward and upward to the very best yet to come. Stay tuned. 5.15.2017

Next time you see me, pls pinch me. 🙏

GRATITUDE for sharing this moment with me, near and far. This is personal and sacred. A gift and a blessing. Love always.


Here is the link to the 2017 IHDA Finalist Page, confirming from now until forever that Kate Chan is an all IHDA All Stars. My profile, the handbag and video are all in the link. NYC , here I come.

Check out our Kate Chan IHDA page here

Check out all of the IHDA finalists here

Vote for Audience Favorite at Instyle here

The Charlene Handbag was my very first design in 2011. The favorite bag of my very first hotel Buyer at @HalekulaniHotel in Honolulu. It was serendipity at its best, my first validation from someone who did not know me at all. This bag was named after her. It continues to be the No. 1 best seller that I always have to re-stock. There is something about this bag, a life, a spirit, work of the hands. 💫

To be continued... The story of how Kate Chan / The Charlene Hand Bag was selected to be one of the top finalists. It's a compelling story in itself. Serendipity at its best.


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