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29 Sep '17

Exploring the World with The Globalite

Posted by Kate Chan

From Zurich to Tulum to Amsterdam, Sonya Lai, also known as The Globalite, is currently accessorizing with KC along her blissful journey all over the globe. She has combined products, such as the Silvia and the Capri, with beautiful backdrops that pop with greenery and color. Sonya is a cherished serendipitous connection who through communication and a flowering relationship, we have found her to be SO in sync with our brand and brand story. Not only is she in sync with us, but we are in sync with her. It goes both ways and we could not be any more thankful for another step in the evolution of KC. To follow Sonya's journey, check out @theglobalite on Insta! Her feed is filled with culture, beauty, fashion, and joy. 


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