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04 May '17

Eido Swimwear x Kate Chan Design

Posted by Kate Chan

April 2017

So, this happens. Two kindred spirits met via @Instagram. A post, a like, a comment, a conversation. Boom! An exciting collaboration is in the making guided by two Creative Visionaries who have never even met, but somehow, they were meant to embark on a magical journey together in their creative pursuits. @eidoswimwear is a brand out of Miami with swimsuits and resort wear designed to tell its story in a unique way. Their recent fashion editorial shoot in Miami Beach brought life to @katechandesign one of a kind, conversation jewelry pieces. We are under the spell as captured by these imagery. 


Shop Kate Chan : Daisy // Waterfall // Jenna

Check out eidoswimwear.com

To be continued...

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